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LED Strip Lighting Systems – A Big Boon

LED lighting is the latest technology to hit the lighting industry. These are very small light-emitting diodes, which operate on a technology known as electroluminescence. There is a semiconductor chip inside every LED bulb or lamp, and when electricity is passed through this chip, it emits light. It sounds so simple, isn’t it? However, there are huge advantages that one can get from using the LED lighting in any form. The 12 volt LED strip lights are one such category. Let us understand more details.

What Can Strip Lights Do?

The concept of hidden lighting in any place has been in use for many decades now. Even in large residences, where there is a suspended ceiling in the living room or the bedrooms, the lighting is provided in such a way that the lamps are not visible but only the lighting is seen. So far, the fluorescent tube lights have been used, and wherever these tubes have been in use, the LED strip lights can easily replace them. The 12 volt LED strip lights can also be used in many other places, public parks, hotel lobbies, government buildings and so on. There is really no end to the applications these lighting systems can be used in.

They Come in a Variety of Sizes and Types

Once you start using the LED strip lights for one particular application, such as the indirect lighting of your garden, you will virtually fall in love with this lighting system. The reason is not very far to seek. Firstly, these lamps can give you long, very long duration life. Just fix the strip lighting and simply forget it. These LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, far higher than any other lighting system one might have heard of. Just to put this in perspective, the CFL lamps which were touted as the best technology has on offer, last only up to a fraction of this duration.

But what is even more remarkable is the fact that the LED lighting system draws power, which is up to 75% less than the CFL lamps! That is a boon for the industry, the consumer and the government. The reason for this is that power is produced using the depleting resource of coal oil, both of which many countries do not have and have to import. If all lighting shifts to the LED form of lighting, then the whole country’s economy will take a turn for the better.

In the higher-end lighting, using 12 volt LED strip lights with colours, comes with controllers and mounting profiles and remote switches to adjust the colours and even Wi-Fi LED controllers. The technology is new and not so popular yet. Once people start using these lighting systems, they will be floored. The sheer amount of savings possible by switching over to the LED form of lighting is unbelievable. Secondly, that they last such a long period before the replacement is to be considered, is another great benefit. The cost-benefit analysis of use of LED strip lighting for any kind of application will tilt the scales squarely in favour of LED lighting only.

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A Guide to the Printer Repair Solutions

Nothing is worse if you find your printer has ceased to function during an emergency. Having a broken printer is certainly not a pleasing experience. However, it does not mean that you will just send it away for repairing without any consideration. You are not alone; finding printer repair issues is quite common for rough usage. The issues range from damaged cables, repeated paper jams, low print quality to the power supply problem, broken hardware parts, wrong or loose connections and so on. Printer repairing solutions is generally provided by the manufacturing brand during the purchase of your printer. You might even get it in your printer repairing kits, online procedures, troubleshooting directions and support center of the company website too. The best solution is to send your printer to be repaired to a reputable place. In that way, you will get assured service and complete satisfaction.

Some Effective Tips to repair a printer

It is highly important to know when is the right time to make the call for printer repairing service. Several people find it difficult to decide whether to repair the old printer or get a new one at an affordable price. Determining onprinters repairs largely depend on the fact that what kind of printer issues you are facing. For instance, if you are experiencing paper jam issue, printer repairing professionals can solve it fast and at very little cost. Most of the time, the printer repairing cost is covered under the warranty contract lessening your worry. You should send your printer out for repair only to the manufacturing company. The manufacturer has vested interest in keeping their brand reputation. So, naturally, you will get the best service and replacement products from them.

Do not forget to weigh price considerations while choosing the best printer repairing service. The price comparison is necessary especially if it is not coming under warranty period. Repairing printers within warranty period will, of course, save your time, money and effort. The printer should come with proper driver software. Otherwise, the printer will suddenly stop working without any prior signs of failure. For example, with regards to HP printer repairing, you can either log onto their website or ask for phone assistance. You can even go through some research work to find out best printer repairing service provider available in the market. Knowing user feedbacks and reviews will help you a lot to decide the suitable one. Check out Gom for more details.

If you are looking for printer repairing service provider that offers HP service, Global Office Machines can be your best bet. Their unprecedented dedication, highly qualified technicians, and 98% first visit success rate made them unique and popular. They offer exceptional repair and maintenance service, sales and promotions, toner and consumables along with service agreements. They do not even charge expensive hourly rates and provide loan machines as required. For being an HP Gold business partner, your successful printer repair is guaranteed. In order to get great service and save money with a tailor-made agreement, you can completely rely on Global Office Machines.

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