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Dogs that are at the forefront of crime detection

Dogs are known for their selfless services to the master and the dog squad also called as K-9 of police force is one of the best examples to emphasize this point. As you know, for a long time, dogs are being used by the police in crime detection and related services. It is for this reason, police across the world has established a separate unit called as police dogs unit or dog squad.

Chosen from select breeds:

The role of these dogs has been appreciated by the investigation agencies in cracking several cases; in fact many sensational cases too. Naturally, police dogs are highly alert and intelligent. Interestingly, police makes a choice of dogs from certain select breeds like, for example, Boxer, Bloodhound, Doberman, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever and such other popular breeds.

"Izzy," a 6-year-old black labrador is the newest anti-terrorism weapon at LAX. It was brought out at a press conference with Mayor Villaraigosa and Police Chief Charlie Beck Thursday morning. The dog has been trained to detect traces of explosives in the air and trace the plume to a person.  Photo by Brad Graverson 5-12-11

Selection after careful evaluation:

Normally, police will not select a grown-up dog. They select a puppy of a certain given age. Here again, police is choosy and selects a dog after careful evaluation of the traits of the puppy. The authorized veterinarian will evaluate the health of the puppy, and it is only then the puppy will be picked up.

Cared by an identified person:

The puppy is kept under the care of one identified person, and he becomes the master of the puppy. The dog is intensely trained by an experienced and authorized trainer. It is only then they are formally inducted into the squad of police dogs.

Some of the other relevant issues with regard to the dogs in the police squad are briefly mentioned here:

·        Among all the breeds, the police normally prefer puppies of the German shepherd breed. Popularly called as gsd puppy or German shepherd puppy, this breed of dogs is known for its intelligence, obedience, courage and loyalty. Watchfulness and curiosity are the other salient features of these gsd dogs.

·        Apart from crime detection, these dogs are also used as search and rescue dogs. You might have come across police using dogs during natural calamities in rescue operations. In fact, they are trained in this trait as well.

·        Training of the dogs for induction in the dog squad is a laborious task. It requires abundant patience on the part of the trainer. He has to customize the training sessions depending on the traits of the dog. In fact, as one of the experienced trainers points out, every day they spend several hours in training the dog.

·        Normally, police look for gsd puppies for sale from some of the reputed dog breeders. The puppies are to put to stringent tests by the veterinarian to ensure they are capable of discharging the jobs entrusted in the dog squad. In fact, in some countries, the tests conducted on these dogs are so intense that the behavior of the dogs to strangers, acceptance of foreign objects and also their adaptability to certain specific jobs like detection of narcotics, explosives and such other works are very carefully evaluated.

An important wing of the police force:

In some countries, killing a police dog is regarded as an offence that is equal to killing a human being. This highlights the importance given to dogs in the police squad. These dogs are rendering their thankless and unbiased services not only to the police, but also to the country as a whole.

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