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Small garden landscaping ideas: Tips and tricks you should know about

Having a smaller yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely garden. It may take some planning and careful considerations in the ornaments and materials. Of course, that is easier said than done. It does take some creativity and landscaping experience to turn your backyard into your little zen garden. Fortunately, landscaping experts like the ones at can help you achieve the garden you desire.

Landscaping ideas for small gardens

With the right landscape design, ornaments, furniture, and other materials, you can make your small garden stand out.

Here are some ideas you can use for your garden landscaping project.

  • Create a view. Find a nice view of your garden and make it one of the focal points in your garden. For example, you can frame a nicely trimmed tree or shrub by framing it with a pergola or arbour.
  • Make it cosy. Though it may seem like a bad idea to divide your small space, creating escape nooks for resting and reading helps boost the intimacy of small backyards. You can add a mid-height fence and a lot of pretty plants to make the area look more intimate.
  • Use colours wisely. Bold, bright colours placed in front of where you will view them can make your space look bigger. Since they immediately catch your attention, the rest of the garden landscape will seem to recede, giving the illusion of a larger space.
  • Take advantage of the power of perspective. You can use long, straight lines to make your garden seem bigger than it is. Slightly slant the far end of the lines toward each other to create a focal point. A row of flowers and a fence can serve as the lines. A pergola at the end of the line can be the focal point.
  • Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to use a mixture of different materials and elements in your small garden. For example, a combination of paving materials, hardscape, lawn, and container plantings can add a dramatic visual relief to your backyard, which makes people hardly notice its size.

Design tips and tricks

Here are some more design tips and ideas the landscaping experts at would like you to know.

  • Negative space, even on a tiny lawn or yard, can add balance to a small garden.
  • A living wall can add lushness to gardens with limited ground space.
  • A series of mini views can add interest to your garden in every direction. This is perfect for small gardens that do not have enough space for major focal points. Plants can be used to provide a framework.
  • Choose plants that have a more monochromatic scheme of cooler colours, such as violets, blues, silvery greens, and yellows. This helps open up your garden, making it look bigger.
  • Don’t forget to add lighting so that you can extend the use of your garden well into the night.

If you’re going to hire a landscaping company to help you build your garden, make sure that you hire a reliable and trustworthy one like Marberley Landscapes. Their professional landscapers can assist you every step of the garden design process—from coming up with a concept to completion. You can learn more about them and the services they offer at

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What Benefits Will You Get from Having Good Office Fitouts

Over the years, businesses and organisations in Australia have been putting more focus on (re)designing their offices in order to improve their processes. And, one of the top trends that they are adopting is fitting out their work environments. After all, this move has been helping a lot of businesses around the world improve in many ways. Now, if you are also running a business, this should be a key element in bringing it towards success. So, what are the main perks that you will get from having Working Environment office fitouts?

  • Modern Look

Is your office already looking old? By fitting it out with the help of professionals, you will be able to give it a modern feel. With the right plan in place, you will be able to transform a conventional workplace into one that is inviting, inspiring, and lively. Not only that this will make your office ideal for working, but will also make a good impression on whoever visits it.

  • Higher Level of Productivity

One of the main goals of an office fit-out is to achieve a higher level of productivity. If your workplace is properly organised and well-planned, you will eventually see the performance and productivity of your workers improving drastically. In a way, it makes sure you and your employees reach full potential in accomplishing day-to-day tasks. Take a look at Working Environments

  • Better Performance

If your business greatly depends on how your employees work, then an office fit-out with good ergonomics is very important to ensure optimum performance. As your workers are happy with their workstations, they will also return the favour by performing well. Sooner or later, this will reflect positively on your business’s overall performance.

  • Efficient Use of Space

Typically, Working Environment office fitouts are done in a way that you and your employees will be able to use space efficiently. Every corner of your office will be fitted out so that it will serve a purpose in making your tasks easier. The way your things will be arranged and organised will generate a striking effect on your processes. Better yet, conversions will be carried out using the least amount of resources, which means that you can actually save more money in the long run.

  • Sense of Wellness

A well-organised office will make your employees comfortable throughout the day, thus creating a sense of wellness across your organisation. This valuable advantage makes office fit-outs among the most popular office improvement trends around the world.

  • Improved Corporate Culture and Brand

A good office design not only boosts your corporate culture but also improves your brand image. After all, it will reflect the nature of your company, which can be seen by your employees, clients, and business partners.

All in all, fitting out your commercial space will provide you a lot of benefits that will be very helpful for your business. By doing so, you will be able to arrange and keep things updated for the betterment of your processes. What’s more, you are transforming your work environment, so that it can serve its purpose better and will become more appealing to your employees. The happier your people are, the better they will perform.

Now, if you have no idea of where to begin such a project, you can call on the professionals to do it for you. You can check out Working Environment office fitouts at They can review your space and give it a transformation based on your requirements.

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