Protect your property from unauthorized access with a security gate

Security gates are a vital component of commercial spaces and other restricted-access facilities. Commercial gates Melbourne installers fit automatic commercial gates at the entrance of establishments. This helps discourage unauthorised access on your property. You may also install a secondary gate to restrict access to specific areas for authorised personnel only.



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Common commercial security gates applications

Commercial security gates Melbourne professional offer can help secure any property. This is because security gates protect your establishment from unauthorised access. Security gates are also used on establishments, such as the following:

  • Seaports and airports
  • Commercial/Industrial factories
  • Water treatment and chemical plants
  • Border stations and military bases
  • Transportation terminals and municipal authorities
  • Railroads depots, crossings, and train yards

Automatic security gates are also used in residential settings. Examples of these are entrances to private neighborhoods and exclusive condominium complexes. But, residential security gates only restrict access to residents, guests, and family members.

Types of commercial electric gates

Commercial electric gates Melbourne installers can help install security gates on any establishment. Here are some of the different kinds of security gates.

  • Cantilever gates. Automatic cantilevered gates slide out to allow easy access to the inside of a facility. This enables the smooth operation of the gates. Cantilever electric gates are one of the most popular choices for driveways.
  • Swing gates. Professional commercial electric gates Melbourne installers can install swing gates on any property. Swing gates are the best alternative to a cantilevered gate for areas with limited space. It can be applied on openings of up to 48 feet wide.
  • Vertical lift gates. Vertical lift gates are space-efficient. But, these types of systems also cause higher stress on the gate components. This can make them wear out much faster, especially in areas that see a lot of traffic.

Choosing the best electric gate for your establishment

Deciding which type of commercial security gate is best for your business requires a lot of thought and consideration. For instance, there are many configurations and designs to choose from. Commercial gates Melbourne experts can help you choose the best security gate. They can explain to you each type’s specific advantages and applications.

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing a gate for your business.

Each type of security gate use space in different ways. Some slide out, swing forward, or open upwards. So, you need to consider the opening size and available space on your property.

  • High traffic areas will need faster electric gate systems to maintain productivity.
  • Complex electric gates need more maintenance.
  • Exposed rollers and other components are more susceptible to early wear and tear.

Your security gate should match with the correct access control system. A professional commercial gates Melbourne installer can help you with this.

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